Facilitation, Training & Consulting Fees

Fees for facilitationtraining, and consulting services are developed after an initial conversation with the prospective client to determine its specific needs. While The McCammon Group’s professionals generally bill on an hourly rate, experience also may give the professional the ability to establish a fixed fee at the start of the engagement. Many clients prefer this approach as it allows them to budget for the services and to retain control over costs.

Training fees are based on the length and complexity of the programs offered, most often set at a daily rate. Typically, delivering a training program tailored for a particular client the first time costs slightly more because of the development costs involved; repetition of the same or similar training for the organization normally costs less. Trainers might also work with an organization to conduct a needs assessment and to construct a comprehensive training plan for the client. That assessment and design work may be priced as a package if the client so chooses. Please call to discuss fees in a particular matter.

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