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Civil Dispute Fees

We have customized our hourly rates to make our services available for cases both large and small. Rates range from $200 to $875 per hour depending on the jurisdiction, Neutral chosen, and case demand. If the case is not based on monetary values, arises from a jurisdiction outside of VA, MD, or DC, or is otherwise extraordinary, McCammon will determine the appropriate rate based on the available information.

The hourly rate applies to all of the Neutral’s professional time. Generally, travel time will be billed at 50% of the hourly rate (100% for cases convened outside of VA/MD/DC). Reasonable out-of-pocket expenses such as hotels, tolls, third party conference call charges, etc. will be billed.

Fees and expenses are typically divided evenly among the parties unless otherwise agreed. (A party is defined as a single client or any number of clients represented by a single law firm.) The lawyer/law firm may be responsible for payment. If the lawyer/law firm does not wish to be the responsible payer, it will be necessary for the party to establish and maintain a satisfactory retainer account with McCammon before any professional services may be rendered.

There are no filing or other administrative fees.

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  • "The mediator was essential to injecting reality into discussions."

  • "A truly excellent job; patient, thorough and helpful in evaluating options."

  • "Scheduling was easy, prompt and efficient."

  • "The mediator was extremely prepared, compassionate, and determined to assist the parties with reaching a resolution."

  • "We were able to settle a highly contentious case after years of litigation just a few weeks before trial."

  • "Great communication and easy to deal with. Excellent all around."

  • "The mediator was fair and understood how to convey the weakness of a case without being judgmental."

  • "I have always been favorably impressed by the Neutrals at The McCammon Group."

  • "The mediator handled a very difficult mediation with patience and humor."

  • "Extraordinary skill and persistence in successfully mediating a very difficult case."

  • "Very efficient and courteous."

  • "Sometimes the human side of these cases leaves the practical side and they seem impossible to settle. Your "never give up" attitude carried the day."

  • "You have rendered invaluable service to me and my clients in the past, and we will continue to call upon you in the future when the need for a highly-skilled professional mediator arises."

  • "The depth and quality of the available mediators is exceptional."

  • "It is always great to use McCammon instead of litigation!"

  • "The quality of your panel members allows choice and comfort in the knowledge that your matter will be fully and fairly heard and resolved."