Organizations get “stuck” from time to time in dealing with particularly difficult issues or in moving forward through a time of change. Professional facilitators work with boards, teams, or work groups to identify key issues, formulate agendas for dealing with them and implement the changes they have articulated. The use of the outside facilitator, whose focus is the process, allows all members of the organizational team to participate and to use their substantive expertise. The facilitation process also may point out the need for expert assistance in a particular area such as strategic, financial, or technological help.

Whether working with large, complex environmental disputes involving numerous parties or small gatherings such as board retreats and strategic planning sessions, experience has taught us that a facilitator’s participation in the meetings is only a key component in what makes a process successful.

What sets The McCammon Group’s facilitators apart is their attention to the need for rigorous preparation. Through interviewing, coaching, and training, we ensure that participants come to meetings equipped with a thorough understanding of the process in which they are engaging, and with the problem-solving skills needed to work toward consensus.


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