Arbitration is a process in which disputing parties submit their respective cases to a neutral third party (i.e. the Arbitrator) who renders a decision by applying the governing law to the facts. See The Basics of Arbitration for more information.

Many of our Neutrals provide arbitration services, with a few exceptions. See Civil Dispute Neutrals and Family Law Neutrals for information on which Neutrals offer arbitration services.

The McCammon Group, Ltd. (“TMG”) is available to provide arbitration service in two alternative scenarios.


The first, and most typical, scenario is by use of TMG’s own Agreement to Arbitrate and accompanying Rules. Please see TMG’s “Agreement to Arbitrate” and its “Arbitration Rules”.


The second scenario, though less common, involves agreements to arbitrate generated by parties external to TMG (“External Agreements”). Some of these External Agreements are executed before a dispute arises, and some are executed after a dispute arises.

TMG is available to provide the Arbitrator and the accompanying administrative support in situations involving External Agreements pursuant to certain principles outlined in TMG Rule 3. In particular, note:

“Generally, TMG does not handle arbitrations pursuant to External Agreements unless all of the Parties have either: (a) executed the External Agreement after consulting with legal counsel at the time of executing or developing the External Agreement; or (b) at the time of the initiation of the Claim or the response therto, agree, through legal counsel, to arbitrate the Claims and to be bound by TMG’s Rules. (If the facts referenced in this paragraph come into question, the Party initiating the arbitration shall have the burden of demonstrating them to TMG.)”


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