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Ombuds Spotlight – Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD MBA

We’re delighted to introduce our “Ombuds Spotlight” series, dedicated to highlighting the exceptional members of our Ombuds Team. This series offers a closer look at these dispute resolution professionals and their unique skills and unwavering dedication to addressing conflict and fostering positive environments within organizations.

To kick off the series, we shine a spotlight on Dina Eisenberg.  Dina Eisenberg, JD MBA is a lawyer and seasoned alternative dispute resolution expert who has served in the roles of Ombuds, mediator, facilitator, and conflict coach during her three decades of practice across multiple industries including tech, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing.

Dina believes that ombudsing is her superpower and true calling. She’s on a mission to create healthier companies by helping employees and leaders improve their communication and conflict skills. Just like there’s a recipe for a yummy beef wellington, each company has its own recipe for creating culture that retains engaged, aligned and creative employees.

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  • "The mediator was essential to injecting reality into discussions."

  • "A truly excellent job; patient, thorough and helpful in evaluating options."

  • "Scheduling was easy, prompt and efficient."

  • "The mediator was extremely prepared, compassionate, and determined to assist the parties with reaching a resolution."

  • "We were able to settle a highly contentious case after years of litigation just a few weeks before trial."

  • "Great communication and easy to deal with. Excellent all around."

  • "The mediator was fair and understood how to convey the weakness of a case without being judgmental."

  • "I have always been favorably impressed by the Neutrals at The McCammon Group."

  • "The mediator handled a very difficult mediation with patience and humor."

  • "Extraordinary skill and persistence in successfully mediating a very difficult case."

  • "Very efficient and courteous."

  • "Sometimes the human side of these cases leaves the practical side and they seem impossible to settle. Your "never give up" attitude carried the day."

  • "You have rendered invaluable service to me and my clients in the past, and we will continue to call upon you in the future when the need for a highly-skilled professional mediator arises."

  • "The depth and quality of the available mediators is exceptional."

  • "It is always great to use McCammon instead of litigation!"

  • "The quality of your panel members allows choice and comfort in the knowledge that your matter will be fully and fairly heard and resolved."