Civil Dispute Neutrals

The McCammon Group is comprised of retired judges, prominent attorneys and outstanding businesspeople and public servants, providing the highest caliber dispute resolution services. Founded in Virginia in 1995, the Group has grown dramatically with Neutrals now also located in Washington, DC and Maryland. More recently, the Group has added several Neutrals specializing in subject matter controlled by federal law such as intellectual property, employment, securities, etc. The Federal Law Neutrals are available nationally, and for that matter, internationally.

Full resumes for each Neutral are available from the list below. For a geographic listing of our Neutrals click here. References are available on request.

Most of our Neutrals provide both mediation and arbitration services; however, there are a few exceptions. See the exception key below.

  • Does not arbitrate
  • 2 Does not arbitrate personal injury/medical malpractice cases but will consider commercial and family law cases.
  • 3 Does not mediate