Family Law Geographic Listing

Our Neutrals are experienced in family law and the complications of equitable distribution, custody, visitation, and other issues in this arena. They are also skilled listeners and adept problem-solvers who are ready to assist in the resolution of these emotionally-charged disputes.

Full resumes for each Neutral are available from the list below. For an alphabetical listing of our Neutrals, please click here. References are available upon request.

The geographical listings below merely represent where the Neutral is located or where they formerly practiced. Neutrals are available to travel upon request.

Most of our Neutrals provide both mediation and arbitration services; however, there are a few exceptions. See the exception key below.

  • Does not arbitrate
  • 2 Does not arbitrate personal injury/medical malpractice cases but will consider commercial and family law cases.
  • 3 Does not mediate